Here are the Beast Quest books Adam Blade has wrote-

Series 1 Beast Quest

1. Ferno the Fire Dragon

2. Sepron the Sea Serpent

3. Arcta the Mountain Giant

4. Tagus the Horse Man

5. Nanook the Snow Monster

6. Epos the Flame Bird

Special bumper addition. Vedra & Krimon: Twin Beasts of Avantia

Series 2 Beast Quest: The Golden Armour

7. Zepha the Monster Squid

8. Claw the Giant Monkey

9. Soltra the Stone Charmer

10. Vipero the Snake Man

11. Arachnid the king of spiders

12. Trillion the Three-headed Lion

Special bumper addition. Spiros the Ghost Phoenix

Series 3 Beast Quest: The Dark Realm

13. Torgor the Minotaur

14. Skor the Winged Stallion

15. Narga the Sea Monster

16. Kaymon the Gorgon Hound

17. Tusk the Mighty Mammoth

18. Sting the Scorpion Man

Special bumper addition. Arax The Soul Stealer

Series 4 Beast Quest: Amulet of Avantia

19. Nixa the Death Bringer

20. Equinus the Spirit Horse

21. Rashouk the Cave Troll

22. Luna the Moon Wolf

23. Blaze the Ice Dragon

24. Stealth the Ghost Panther

Special bumper addition. Kragos & Kildor The Two Headed Demon

Series 5 Beast Quest: The Shade of Death

25. Krabb, Master of the Sea

26. Hawkite the Sky Lord/Arrow Of The Air

27. Rokk the Walking Mountain

28. Koldo the Arctic Warrior

29. Trema the Slug Monster/the Earth Lord

30.Amictus the Bug Queen

Special bumper addition. Creta the Winged Terror

Series 6 Beast Quest: The World of Chaos

31. Komodo the Lizard King

32. Muro the Rat Monster

33. Fang the Bat Fiend

34. Murk the Swamp Man

35. Terra Curse of the Forest

36. Vespick the Wasp Queen

Beast Quest: Master Your Destiny

1. The Dark Cauldron

Series 7 Beast Quest:The Lost World

37. Convol the Cold Blooded Brute

38. Hellion the Fiery Foe

39. Krestor the Crushing Terror

40. Madara the Midnight Warrior

41. Ellik the Lightning Horror

42. Carnivora the Winged Scavenger

Special: Mortaxe the Skeleton Warrior

Series 8 Beast Quest: The Pirate King

43. Balisk the Water Snake

44. Koron Jaws of Death

45. Hecton the Body Snatcher

46. Torno the Hurricane Dragon

47. Kronus the Clawed Menace

48. Bloodboar the Buried Doom

Series 9 Beast Quest: The Warriors Staff

49. Ursus the Clawed Roar

50. Minos the Demon Bull

51. Koraka the Winged Assassian

52. Silver the Wild Terror

53. Spikefin the Water King

54. Torpix the Twisting Serpent

Series 10 Beast Quest : Master of the Beasts

55. Noctila the Death Owl

56. Shamani the Raging Flame

57. Lustor the Acid Dart

58. Voltrex the Two Headed Octopus

59. Tecton the Armoured Giant

60. Doomskull the King of Fear

The New Age: Books 61–66Edit

  1. Elko, Lord of the Sea
  2. Tarrok, the Blood Spike
  3. Brutus, the Hound of Horror
  4. Flaymar, the Scorched Blaze
  5. Serpio, the Slithering Shadow
  6. Tauron, the Pounding Fury
  7. ===The Darkest Hour: Books 67–72===
    1. Solak, Scourge of the Sea
    2. Kajin, the Beast Catcher
    3. Issrilla, the Creeping Menace
    4. Vigrash, the Clawed Eagle
    5. Mirka, the Ice Horse
    6. Kama, the Faceless Beast

The Warriors Road: Books 73-78Edit

  1. Skuric. the Forest Demon
  2. Targro, the Arctic Menace
  3. Slivka, the Cold-Hearted Curse
  4. Linka, the Sky Conqueror
  5. Vermok, the Spiteful Scavenger
  6. Koba, the Ghoul of Shadows

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