About ZephaEdit

Zepha is a giant squid that was supposedly created by Malvel. Zepha is protecting the helmet of the golden armour. It's in the near of a rocky island in the sea of avantia. Zepha can use its tentacles and beak to attack, and can squirt ink to temporarily blind enemies. After a long battle, Tom calls upon the guardian of their sea, the mighty Sea Serpent, to assist. Despite Zepha's endless ink, the Sea Serpent manages to constrict Zepha until he pops, where his papery skin sinks to the bottom and millions of tiny squids flow out of it.

The BookEdit

Zepha the monster squid is the first book of the second series " The Golden Armour. The book has 128 pages.The background of the book is blue

The CardEdit



Power 129
Magic Level


Fright Factor



Zepha Card

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